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Officers, Directors & Advisors

Bob Byrnes - Past President

I have resided in Ocean County for over 65 years. My wife (Kathy) and I have lived in Cedarcroft since 1969 buying our first home at 360 Iroquois Drive in 1968. After many renovations to our original 1940 Cedarcroft cottage we still enjoy the charm that drew us to this peaceful shore community. We raised two sons, Mike and Ryan, that enjoyed all the sports and activities Cedarcroft and Brick had to offer. Our Brick schools prepared them well for their professional careers as a physician and special education teacher. I attended schools in Lakewood (St. Mary's Academy and Lakewood HS) and went on to graduate from the following colleges; Ocean County College (AAS), Stockton State (BSN), Seton Hall University (Masters MSN and M/Ed.), and have a school nurse certification.

I am a Vietnam combat veteran ('66/67) and later served 20 years in the Army Nurse Corps reserves retiring as a Lt. Colonel. Although retired, I continue to work as a hospital and health care consultant after 25 years as hospital administrator for the VA NJ Healthcare System and 17 years as Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University. Kathy is a Professor (Nursing) at Ocean County College for the past 28 years. Prior to OCC she was an ER nurse and supervisor at PP Hospital and served as a Navy Nurse during the late 60's.

I have served on the Cedarcroft Board of Directors since the early 70's and have held every office from Secretary to President. I am very committed to our community and its ever changing residents. Our community still holds the charm and natural resources the tribe of Metedeconks found here and settled. They were allied with the Leni-Lenape nation and together hunted in the forest that lined the river's edge and fished the fish that swam in the river named the "Metedeconk" translated means "Beautiful Wide River". Our home is always open to friends and neighbors of Cedarcroft. We hope all that reside here find the peace and enjoyment our shore community offers.

The name Cedarcroft is derived from "Croft Land" (Scot) meaning "Land of Superior Quality".

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