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Cedarcroft Marina Boaters Rules & Guidelines

by order of the Harbormaster

  • All lines must be secured with 3/8" dock line or better while your vessel is at dock.
  • All hoses must be on their bibs and not strewn about the walkways.
  • Keep hoses to a 50ft. max length.  A few exceptions will apply.
  • DO NOT USE hoses with aluminum fittings.  Only brass fittings will be allowed.
  • Turn off water after each use and disconnect your hoses at the end of each season.
  • Outside of boarding, returning and boat maintenance, please keep walkways clear to allow other boaters to pass.
  • Use the proper marine grade extension cords to power any devices for either the maintenance or enjoyment of your boat.  DO NOT USE household cords.
  • Use hand or cordless tools with tethers whenever possible to avoid electric shock and/or blowing the breakers.
  • Please dispose of your trash & recyclables in the proper receptacles located at the foot of the beach.   DO NOT throw fish guts into any of those receptacles.
  • If you see trash, do us all a favor, pick it up and throw it out in the proper trash receptacle.
  • Please report any loose boards or water line breaks to the Harbormaster so they can be addressed & repaired.
  • Please report any theft, vandalism or unusual behavior in the marina along with time and date to the Harbormaster so the security camera footage can reviewed and a police report can be made if necessary.
  • Dock boxes for your slips are permitted but MUST be approved by the Harbormaster prior to construction.  Any unsecured dock boxes, dock boxes on pallets, pallets by themselves, buckets, pails, etc will be removed and put to the curb.

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